Good Faith Estimate

Good Faith Estimate for Day 1 Fees

  • When appointments are made in advance, a Good Faith Estimate for Day 1 services will be provided before the first visit orally when the appointment is made. It may also be provided in writing via text or email or at your first visit.
  • When appointments are not made in advance the Good Faith estimate will be provided orally when the appointment is made and in writing at the beginning of the visit. 

Good Faith Estimate for Treatment Plan 

  • During your financial consultation, a staff member will review the Good Faith Estimate both orally and in writing. 
  • A single estimate will be provided for the treatment plan.
  • This will be an estimate for a set time frame, frequency, and services outlined at this time. 
  • Frequency and time frames may be different than expected and actual charges will be determined by the services used. 

Good Faith Estimate for Continued Care

  • A Good Faith Estimate will be provided for continued “as-needed care.” 
  • It will be reviewed both orally and written.
  • The estimate will outline the per visit or per service.
  • Final charges are determined by the number of services used or needed.